Welcome to Business Phones

Welcome to Business Phones, part of Brite Telecoms, offering a truly integrated approach to business telecoms, offering everything from your individual telephones, business telephone systems, mobile contracts, VoIP, broadband services, dedicated (leased) lines, and hosted email services as required.

You can use as few, or as many, of our services as fits your needs, and by using a single company reselling services from many, you have one single point of contact for support and billing, making your life simpler and easier.

Our business phones can integrate with any PBX system. Whether you’re using TDM. hybrid, or IP-based telephony, we can supply the phones for your business sytem.

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We stock a wide range of different PBX and IP telephone systems, covering manufacturers such as Avaya, Mitel, and Cisco.

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We can provide custom-tariff mobile contracts for you and your workforce, sourced from all major mobile providers, not least 3, O2, and Vodafone.

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Whatever VoIP system you’re using, we can supply you with the VoIP service and phones to help develop your communications service to be more cost-efficient.

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Broadband is essential to ever business, so find out how we can look to give you faster broadband to help make your business more efficient and cost effective.

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For the fastest in broadband you need a dedicated leased line, to allow for zero contention rates. ADSL, SDSL, and VPN systems all covered.

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Our hosted email services are provided as part of our integrated approach to telecommunications. No matter whether you are looking at Microsoft Exchange or other email products, we can help.

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